Wade Out Into It

by Wishkaah

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released February 1, 2017

Written by Jesse LeGallais
Produced by Jesse LeGalais / Alec Dippie
Mixed by Alec Dippie
Mastered By Rich White



all rights reserved


Wishkaah Montreal, Québec

Spaced out love songs for a doomed future.

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Track Name: Pastoral Enlightenment
I think we need a new word for death
Something that sounds more like
Falling asleep in the summer sun
After a few drinks
Weights on my arms I flap 'em like wings
Scrounging for change still at this age
Where's the romance
Wade out into it
My older sisters fighting with my father again
About some shit that happened years before I was born
When's it ever end
The past is like a shadow in the late August sun
It's long and it's thin and it's always
Leaning away from us
Wade out into
When it catches up
And it always does
Kill a sunset and bring it to your love
The occasions have changed
But I'm dressed the same
I can't remember the phone number of
My friends
Pastoral Enlightenment
Wade out into it
You turned to me
And said can you please
Wash your hands
If you're gonna touch me
Track Name: Don't Wake Me
Call It a good day
I must be dreaming
Complimentary champagne on ice
There's something about the way the lights shifting
Hypothetically I'm in
Under the ground
Is where we'll be found
When they talk about us
They'll make such a fuss
Call it a good day
I must be dreaming
Don't wake me
Under the ground
Is where we'll be found
When they talk about us
They'll make such a fuss
The light will find your eyes
When you get home
Track Name: Max Out
The sun goes down
We lose our nerve
Max out all
Of our credit cards
Don't tell the kid
Just what we done
She'll figure it out
All by herself
Don't stop till you get enough
A million tiny disappointments
For a little bit of fun
Call your wife and spill your guts
You know if always cracks her up
If you can lend me a few dollars
And a little bravery
Then I'll say something famous
Like you can count on me
You can count on me